Is there any solution for stretch marks?

1) Stretch marks (striae) are atrophic scars (crosslinking of collagen), which do not affect human health and create only aesthetic discomfort.
2) It is difficult to remove stretch marks, and it is even more difficult to restore skin color.
3) Laser treatments remove stretch marks for a short time.
4) Collagenase is an enzyme that breaks down the crosslinking of collagen and reduces the scar.
5) Experience in the use of collagenase for scar reduction to obtain a significant visual effect.

Phonophoresis and electrophoresis with collagenase is an effective method of introducing active ingredients to the entire depth of stretch marks and atrophic scars. As a result of the effect of the acoustic field (electric current), deep tissue micromassage occurs, the permeability of membranes increases, connective tissue is loosened, and the sensitivity of cells to the active components of the drug increases. Electrophoresis and phonophoresis accelerate the processes of remodeling of the structure of stretch marks and atrophic scars.

Collagenase non-invasively destroys damaged collagen fibers and stimulates the synthesis of biopolymers of the dermis scaffold. The non-invasive method guarantees the absence of microtraumas and side effects in the form of inflammation, hematomas, scars, post-traumatic age spots.

Application: 2 courses of 6-10 procedures, a break between courses is 10 days. The number of courses and procedures doubles with applications without electrophoresis (phonophoresis). Skin color is not completely restored.

Scar Treatment enzyme complex