beta-A - Varroa destructor
beta-A - Varroa destructor
beta-A - Varroa destructor

beta-A - Varroa destructor

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beta-A is a natural, environmentally friendly and safe preparation based on beta/alpha hops’ acids from hops for varroatosis. The preparation reduces the infection rate of Varroa by 86-87%. The drug does not affect the quality of honey; therefore, it can be used during honey collection. 
1 pack for 10 hives. 
The preparation is for external use. 
Shake well before use.
1. Spraying (per 1 hive):
Dilute 4ml of the preparation in 100ml of water and spray between frames
2. Plates:
1) preparation of plates
Plates can be made of thick paper, cardboard, wood veneer with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm (preferred option).
Plates are cut with a length of 150-300mm and a width of 20-30mm;
2) for a plate with a length of 300 mm (or 1 ml for a plate with a length of 150 mm) - take 2 ml of the preparation with a syringe and wet one side of the plate;
3) after wetting, the plates are stacked one on top of the other and wrapped with foil for 12 hours for impregnation;
4) after 12 hours, the plates are ready for installation in the hive, the active exposure time of the plates in the hive is 72 hours;
5) 2 plates are installed in the hive (for example, between 3-4 and 7-8 frames of a 10-frame hive);
6) treatment at the end of August or beginning of September after honey collection: one-time treatment after honey selection and before treatment with Lithium complex;
7) treatment May-August: treatment during the summer (1 time/month).
The preparation contains a biologically active substance - beta/alpha hops’ acid.
Other Ingredients: distilled water, 40% ethyl alcohol, emulsifier, lithium chloride.
40ml solution in a vial for injection.
Shelf life
Shelf life (SL): 24 months (mth). The expiration date (EXP) date is on the label.
Low storage temperature (LST): 2-8ºC (refrigerator).