BAC T45 is a wax moths destructor
BAC T45 is a wax moths destructor

BAC T45 is a wax moths destructor

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BAC T45 is a natural preparation containing Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria, destroys only larvae of the big wax moth, prevents further infestation of bee-farms by big wax moth larvae during the whole subsequent honey-gathering season, ensures the safety of wax wax. When treating the affected frames, the preparation causes death of wax moth larvae on the 5-7th day. The preparation is environmentally safe, does not disturb bee activity, does not affect the quality of honey. The preparation should be used after the honey harvest, when the frames are placed in storage. Protection will be effective during the entire storage period, until the frames are installed in the hive in the new season.
How to use
The preparation is for external application.
1) all the contents of the container (60g) dilute in 2 liters of boiled water at room temperature;
2) the working solution to treat the frames on both sides by spraying (sprayer). Consumption per one frame is 15-20ml;
3) before placing the treated frames in storage, let them dry in a ventilated room;
4) after dilution with water, the preparation should be used within one day, so before mixing the preparation with water, it is necessary to calculate the amount of solution for treatment of the available number of frames. One container of 60g is enough to treat 100-130 frames Dadan 300mm or 200-260 frames 145mm;
5) in case of contact of the preparation with eyes rinse them with water.
How to store the preparation
Shelf life of the preparation at t 2÷8°C (refrigerator) - 18 months.
After dilution the preparation should be stored not more than 24 hours.
Composition of the preparation
The preparation contains biologically active substance - bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (titer of the preparation, not less than 5x10x9 CFU/g).
What the package includes
Packaging: 60g of dry powder of the preparation in a container.

Specification Sheet BAC T45